Candle Wish - Where Dreams Come True

Candle Wish is a simple and beautiful website that allows you to make a wish by lighting a virtual candle. Whether it's a personal goal, a dream, or a heartfelt desire, Candle Wish is here to help you manifest your wishes into reality. With just a few clicks, you can send your intentions out into the universe and watch as the flame of hope burns bright.

Make Your Wishes Come True

Discover the features that make the perfect platform for making wishes

Make a Wish

Easily make a wish by lighting a virtual candle

Share Your Wish

Share your wish with friends and family on social media

Track Your Wishes

Keep track of all your wishes in one place

Receive Wish Notifications

Get notified when someone else makes a wish for you

Make a Wish with Candle

Light a candle and make your wish come true