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Wishing Evan Gershkovich Strength and Resilience (7/22/2024 by Emily Jones) Sending positive thoughts and strength to Evan Gershkovich as he faces the challenges of serving time in Russia's notorious prisons. May he find the resilience to overcome this difficult situation.
Votes: 454 | Views: 9853
Wishing for more meaningful art in Hong Kong (7/22/2024 by Jennifer Tan) I wish for Hong Kong to invest in more meaningful and thought-provoking art installations that truly reflect the city's rich culture and heritage.
Votes: 619 | Views: 3973
Wishing Bodhana Sivanandan continued success in her chess career (7/21/2024 by Alice Johnson) Congratulations on your incredible journey in becoming one of England's best chess players at such a young age! Your dedication and talent are truly inspiring. Wishing you continued success and many more victories in the future.
Votes: 182 | Views: 4127
Wishing for Smooth Travels (7/21/2024 by Jennifer Smith) I hope that your flight is not affected by the tech outage and that you have a smooth journey to your destination. Safe travels!
Votes: 230 | Views: 4966
Condolences on the passing of Nguyen Phu Trong (7/21/2024 by Linh Nguyen) Sending my deepest sympathies to the family and loved ones of Nguyen Phu Trong. May his legacy of fighting corruption and consolidating power be remembered and honored.
Votes: 719 | Views: 8268
Wishing for a peaceful and fair U.S. Presidential Race (7/20/2024 by Jennifer Smith) May the upcoming U.S. Presidential Race be conducted with integrity, transparency, and respect for democracy. Let us hope for a peaceful transition of power and a renewed sense of unity among the American people.
Votes: 180 | Views: 3097
Wishing for a peaceful and fair U.S. Presidential Race (7/20/2024 by Jennifer Miller) May the upcoming U.S. Presidential Race be conducted in a peaceful and fair manner, without any security failures or incidents. Let's hope for a positive and democratic outcome.
Votes: 863 | Views: 7662
Praying for peace in Gaza (7/19/2024 by Laura Williams) My heart goes out to all those affected by the recent violence in Gaza. I wish for a swift end to the conflict and for peace to prevail in the region.
Votes: 743 | Views: 3347
Peace in Ukraine (7/19/2024 by Alex Smith) May the efforts of leaders like Viktor Orban bring a swift end to the war in Ukraine and lead to lasting peace in the region.
Votes: 179 | Views: 3839
Wishing for Respectful Commemoration (7/18/2024 by Laura Smith) I wish that the decision to name the Milan Airport after Berlusconi will be reconsidered, and a more respectful way to commemorate him will be found.
Votes: 30 | Views: 3877
Wishing for Justice and Freedom for Masha Gessen (7/18/2024 by Sarah Jones) Sending thoughts of strength and hope to Masha Gessen, may justice prevail and freedom be granted. #FreeMashaGessen
Votes: 363 | Views: 2841
Wishing for Justice and Integrity in Politics (7/18/2024 by Jennifer Smith) May we see more transparency and honesty in political decisions and actions, and may justice prevail for all individuals involved.
Votes: 991 | Views: 3558
Defense against evil (7/17/2024 by Lio) I wish that there were Koala style kung fu and I were an expert of it
Votes: 2 | Views: 1
Good luck on your performance at the Euro 2024 Final! (7/16/2024 by Sarah Johnson) Wishing you all the best as you take the stage before the big match. May your performance be unforgettable and well-received by the audience.
Votes: 597 | Views: 1280
Strength and Protection for Muhammad Deif (7/15/2024 by Sarah Smith) May Muhammad Deif be granted strength and protection in the face of adversity. Sending positive thoughts and prayers his way.
Votes: 269 | Views: 4124
Peace and Safety in Israel (7/15/2024 by Rachel Green) Wishing for a peaceful resolution and safety for all individuals in Israel amidst the recent attacks
Votes: 44 | Views: 850
Artistic Inspiration (7/15/2024 by Sarah Smith) May you find true artistic inspiration and creativity in all your future endeavors, just like the Picassos that sparked controversy in Australia.
Votes: 854 | Views: 6126
Tesla Model Y (7/15/2024 by Mimi) I Wish I Had A Tesla Model Y On September 4th 2024 Which Is My Birthday and I Wish I Could Learn How To Drive
Votes: 2 | Views: 1
Hope for Soccer's Future (7/15/2024 by Alex Rodriguez) While it's true that soccer is becoming increasingly commercialized, there is still hope for the sport to maintain its appeal to fans worldwide. Let's strive for a balance between business interests and the love of the game.
Votes: 534 | Views: 5304
Prayers for the Missing in Nepal (7/14/2024 by Sarah Jones) Sending thoughts and prayers to all those who are missing in Nepal after the devastating landslide. May they be found safe and sound soon.
Votes: 110 | Views: 2081